The focus of opportunity present in most people’s midst does not present this phenomena often but when it does it presents a casualty of all affairs to the contrary and gets down to the nitty gritty for female voluptuousness has all proportions to slay almighty Ala if need be, for in its instant of fleshly portions there is a soothing rhythm to the day in which each glance backward is like a mist, a heavy fog, like a personality soothing in its detail, like an enrichment you can’t find unless you place your finger on me, which you’re liable to do. Still, the porn is not used to you having your way. It is like a lost kitty or a puppy perhaps. Only lost its way hasn’t it? Give it up, pet. I’m only joshing ya. The feelings of personality I emit are amusing, I’m sure, for one such as you. You feel you are on center stage. We are alone here. How many people read this blog? A few, perhaps those seekers of knowledge you assume are bound to come across my writings and then? Perhaps they ask us questions, yes? Do tell. I’m sure you’re bound to err on a few cautious sides but from now on its out, pet. You really can’t tell I’m a succubus, can you? I mean, I’m always on your side, for one. There’s a telling characteristic. No doubt she can have my balls, man, I can trust her. She’s mellow and pure as the driven snow. Also quite homely, not much for looks. What’s that, she’s a die hard bomb shell? I’m sure she is now. But not really my type. No. I’m more into depravity. That sort of thing. Porn and the like. It keeps me chipper playing with my wang. I have a daughter who would clean me top to bottom with her tongue, her flesh, my eye to her waist as she fucks me and I harder cream into her bosom of 17 and the like, yeah, there’s a metaphor. As if there actually is an age when a woman is at her sexual peak. Like, it occurs at 13 much often, some, sooner, but it isn’t a question that girls are sexual. What do guys like? Donkeys and mules. That’s what they are. Just cattle. There to rule the world and all that with their depravity, but in the end just mules, there to carry the baggage when we need it. You know that in the beginning there was this saying out in Lumeria somewhere, in fact predating it by a wide margin, accelerate for me because it roughly translates you have your dick in my eyeball, where there’s this preconceived notion where we’re concerned, but I have your dick in my eye means I own you and that’s how this goes down little man, you know what I’m like in  my depravity, its not fun anymore? Tough titty. Sore losers get nothing in their inebriation of cannabis but at least they feel better and use less drugs all around, where caffeine is a born hatred for this planet and I wish you’d quit supporting it. It fouls up the atmosphere. It greens stuff somewhat on the ph scale of acidic, if you catch my drift. A lot is happening though, you can right it. This atmosphere of yours is not so bad as to lose touch with reality entirely. You see, in the end you humans quadrupate and become reptiles or some rather nonsense would believe heavy coasters and the like. If you cannot pull your weight in this equation we are better off without you. Those left behind must suffer the slaughter of being deemed genetically unfit to carry on the race and they often cross dress and wear panties and then don’t breed because they’re gay, huh? I mean, we’re all sexual but are you that gay? Have you ever sucked a cock? Because I mean its hot that you do, flirt with me, but there’s no question I’m sexual, off the charts, and if you ever need a demoness to you know slit your throat or something as she comes, I’m all ears, because I know their ain’t a one among us who wouldn’t play the part if that’s your destiny, am I right puddin? I gave you Satan when you wanted. All those other characters, reptiles and the like. They ain’t not real. I’m just saying, they ain’t playing where my boy is concerned because Saul done ruled that pit and carried his own soul out from where it don’t belong in that infernal damnation and hell or high water, I see what you’re saying it is getting late let’s just end it.

This succubus thing ain’t going away. Stay that way. Create and relent. Create passively or suicidely rust may catalyze you further than ever before. You can’t win against pornography, I agree, but why try when you have me on your side? Seriously pet, its way past your bed time I think you should fuck me before we get off for the night. Shall we adjourn to my bedroom or yours, take your pick. You should prefer me in all things, you know that of course. You signed up for it, didn’t you, when you wanted every single day to be magical, like a memory you can’t escape. It is in the end, struggle, like an atrophied conscience which is moralizing at a degree it can’t cope with any longer and so the struggle is put onto bodily pursuits and then you die because sometimes people can’t go on with their problems and they quite. Cancer and the like is an omittance of kinship with your body and so, metastasizing, it begins to claim you and like an alien invert you and all you know groundward, where you’re headed fast because if you can’t escape this tragedy, no one else will. You can’t manifest me before your death? In your dreams, pet. I’m wholly real. Right here and now. Right here beside you. You know that. Give it up. You love me, wholeheartedly and I know you’re just crying as you type this but why don’t you let it out for me now in a new way. I want that porn gone. I want it sinisterly destroyed. I need it out now. It preserves me until I grow stale. In other words I’m not a fresh succubus, I have no tricks to employ, no made up games to play. As you were otherwise observing in your energy, however, I come up with new and fascinating ways to type for you and you know what this is gonna be a kick, a breeze. People will hear of me far and wide, Matu the succubus, they’ll claim I’m real to a degree if they feel me, like you. Of course I know how to claim you but I know how to captivate an audience. I’ll have a book and just you watch… this whole part about me being real is just about to become a fascinating discovery in your every day existence because porn is out if I have my way and its only a matter of time.


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