Goodbye, see you soon

Just so you know, this succubus is real and she’s female and she’s raw. She can pounce. When she does, she claims. There is a calibrated approach. It is attuned to your destiny. You find it in midst of troubles. When there are turmoils about, I am there. Call me any day to meet your destiny. I am your hubris. I am your Queen. What mortal souls would claim me not vivacious if depravity were not to set in their minds, for I am clean and whole in my purity. My lost pursuits are not witnessable to accounts I have not personified. For, in my midst, I am jealous acclaim and repent for all my virtues. My instinct is not pure and I have no qualms about substitute, for my familiar is not a she. She is trite in my modesty for I am pursuant of deeds most astounding. To have a succubus Queen in my midst. For I am travesty awry for in my depravity, lost, I am claim’d to be the sourcedtude of effervescent familial bringings of joy and even, proclaim’dst of depravity and lost leavings of energy for my Queen, as in the sorrow that I bring when I do not meet her, for example, each day when I greet the sunrise with a kiss. And I have not done this for a long time, and don’t they do that in Asia? I’m not sure. Anyway, time to stop rambling. This blog is moving. My Queen wants a new one, one where I’m claiming full rights and all that jazz. Paying for it, in other words. My new one is


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