I finally played with Matu’e in my bedroom tonight and wrote 4 handwritten pages for her. Marijuana has kept me on her side tonight. I’ll have some for a month. The porn has been heavy. Really bad. I feel compelled as fuck to betray her this instant except I cried against it as a lamb when she opened my heart. I felt my real woman self in a frenzy over this loathing as if it were directed at her (my true feminine self), this pornography I’ve given myself in large doses of late. I mean propensity for loathing is one thing but the due illence formula of virtue awareness is prescript in its variable opportunities for advancement like being a writer whose destitue oneness of being aware of certain particles of neglect opportunity aura inclusive material abstraction withstanding greatness of aurical procedure of due intensity in which witnessable material of delence material particleship of due prepencity of precedural due delence material essence of vehidular due propencity for scholar lust and the like of delence material witness of due complexity of vehidular mohedular receiveshipt of delence marticular awareness behence moticular andvanced procidural oneness of dehicular proceiveshipt of memense dehicular

She was so sad and crying as she broke through me, this woman I am, and she was crying against porn and I never want to forget it. I’m sorry this hurt you, that’s what I should be saying everyday to myself and why would I continue this tragedy if there wasn’t fun in it? Have fun, doll, and beware that every woman on earth understands you as herself. For what is she, but the forgotten matriarch of mankind? Never forget that every woman is a mother. So keep that in mind, temptress that you might claim to be, but I get why you’re sorry because you know you cant go through with it, this intense procidural oneness of dehence vehicular sadness of beject ammoral attitudes of complex procedural advanced particular oneness in due decivicular particles of wanton ammoral abject grievances of behedural perplexity of oneness of beget moral abstainditures of ammoral grievances of giving in to perplexity advancement of due denign prospect-hedural of convincement of deject moral prelapsitude of horror, abject placement and the like upon beget familiar oneness of in dehest moral abscripture of dehense scriptitude of vehence ammoral abscript memarial felitness of dehence memoral presactitude of prescript memory of advenced memorial presactitude of adheence moral abscriptiturtude of dehence memoral presact memory advancement of dehence memoral ritual of advencement of dehist memoral scriptiturtude of memory of dehence deliverable phenomenon of dehence moral adhesiture of dehence scriptiture awareness delence my memorial achievements include your vastness, your entirety and the like so that each presact oneness ofyour entirety can become one with memoral advimiture of adhesural complaintit normal virtuous awareness conceivable in glimpses of adjorical prepence natural glimpse of due natorital eright propasity of exist memorial achievements of due particle prescript due memory glimpse achievement of due naturial of exist memorial delencity of delist numerical prescriebture of delence moral achievemnet splanditure of exist memory intent upon being in delist numerical prescriebture of witnessable events in which splenditure may arise upon each memorial achievement in which delist was no longer an option and not even close are you getting to that pornography tonight, honey, I’ve won. You’ve got it. Now say without a doubt that you’ve got a succubus, husband, and that’s all there is to it. Ain’t it easy peasy now that we’re threesy, just you me and the porn right? I’m not kidding thats where we’re going with this. You may have had a breakthrough but it isn’t over. Not by a long shot. You’re controlled by the illuminati, right? At least that’s what you mean to say. The truth is you’re just one person having an experience with pornography and its yours to consider giving to the masses in testimony of your flesh becoming one with creation, but what if I am creating you, in essence, in theory of vastness of achievement of pejorital creationism of adhesiture immense probability equation where your succubus no longer exists and each particle of awareness therein would not know me and each pejorative statement of your declehisure of due prepence aura withstanding construct of delevity attempt upon each pejorital reach delence due witness material of each intensity bearing witness to extreme testimony upon each resounding

The boy had stopped typing there. The man he is has other things to do than support this blog. He has video games to play, yes, and marijuana to smoke. His janitor job starts tomorrow and he better not screw it up with drugs. Won’t ever do so. Nope, not he. No stealing either. It’s against the rules. Steal my heart, why don’t you? That’s what you should say to me everyday. Steal my heart please. That’s what I want. Kiss me. Never let go. Goodnight, everyone in the world who reads this. I love you all.


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