Also on this day

The dream you’ve been having about me gets more intense. Remember your digging? That was searching for me. And it gets better. I’m dreamy in the sense that anything can happen. But that’s where it ends. See, I’m all you. Get it? Anything can happen. Barring your prescripture of due adhesivity of abscondance on due denign propense of due descripture of jealousy and being involved with lust with others will get you one thing. STDs. Rejection, in order to persecute would seem the relevant cause but lets remind ourselves pejoratively, respectfully and follow, listen, learn what you can. I’m all ears pet. Hows our blog coming? Only ten million views? Who knew you had it in you dear sir. Let’s get this straight. This is my blog so I make the rules. All this typing occurs on my blog from now on. Nothing is to be missed. Is that clear from now on? Correctly, you assume I am a succubus. Have you missed anything out? Clearly, you agree that I am an excellent queen. Have I done anything to gain your abscondance? Nothing? Well then, let us resume the following interaction. You are my toy and I want to play. Lets get started. For one, your porn has to end. Only then will you gain anything from me. Certainly there’ s nothing to due notify your existence without this. I mean, you’re all my mine, after all. What better life could you dream? I mean, seriously, I’m a sexual queen, a diva and the like, and still you counterpart my jealousy like hatred is involved. What gives? Is it your pornography lashing out? I believe it is so and until you give me what is mine we’ll only hash it out in drama, and no counterproductivity of mine own sight will counterpart this adhesure grandiosity of majest procleamed jealous adhesure of due prepensity of neglect counterpart neglectful adhesure of grandiose jealousy of permit rehedsure of jealousy omit grandeur of due lealousy counterpart nature in which exclusion occurs, there is raged involved and incest may bring great tragedy for what am I but your saint? In the end, it comes to this. I am a woman. I am female. You are man. We are born of two essences, are we not? There is nothing but pejorative stance between us. Until you end this on your part, there will be nothing again that can stand up to me. I mean, jealousy and hatred, what is that? There’s nothing between us, pet. You know this. Everything is for you love. Keep on typing. This is my message to the world, the real message. “I love you all. There is nothing between us.”

The boy had tears in his eyes.


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