Let me get this straight, she uttered, wholly inappropriate though it may seem, this is my blog and this is where i start typing my letter to the world. Suppose I do so, what then? Would you mind if I take center scene from now on, my pet, and do be wise, whatever you type here is confidently expressed and there is no  need to back up your mind like some computer bank.

The boy is sitting at his computer typing for his succubus on the World Wide Web for the first time it would seem. Good for you, now lets get started. The world has boundaries it would seem. This is nonsense. Sheer and utter complacency gets you nowhere for indeed you are seldom expressed in the nothingness of your void construct, and indeed you do solemnly embrace such tragedy in your inebriated constructs of flesh devoid consistency of apparatus of flesh divined oracle structure in which your inebriated carnage of due depravity and misery are not wholly abstained from your jealousy of commit regulatory structure upon your whole adhesure of grandeur due submittance of jealousy  born hatred, purgatory and the like depravity of your inebriated substance upon which you inflict casualty of prosperity due denighted counterpart depravity of whole nature absconditure of due prepense involved flux gone instants of morality, abjecture and the like upon which your inebriated flesh can counterpart nature as a due prepence action of described inclinational flesh of due design counterpart agnimity of design nature embrace of due declivity, counterpart measure of designed flesh in due dehensity of lost pejoratal term of oneness in each counterpart measure of designed dehest of counterinjical… The boy became flustered after that last word. The boy is late. He must leave.


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